Phytoplankton is an excellent and nutritious food for all filter feeders including bivalves, corals, gorgonia, sponges, scallops, brine shrimp, rotifers, hydrozoans, anemones, tube worms, and many others. Each quart of Ocean Green contains over one billion tiny live one cell marine plants (2-5 micron size). They are raised in the laboratory under closely controlled conditions and are free of any fish diseases and other unwanted contaminants, so they may be used safely in all marine aquaria. Fish and invertebrates alike require the presence of live plants in their environment in order to remain colorful, active and healthy. Ocean Green provides natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ocean Green contains: protein (60%), carbohydrates (20%), fats (3%), natural pH buffers, iodine, natural B vitamins, and trace elements. The recommended feeding is one pint per two days per 50 gallon reef-type aquarium. For reef aquariums heavily stocked with filter feeders, more may be needed. Please note that Nannochloropsis is cultured in 15 0/00 seawater. Heavy use will dilute your aquarium water so check regularly.

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