Live Arrival Guarantee Disclaimer and Details*

Federal Express Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee Explained

1.) The Live Arrival Guarantee is extended to those customers using FedEx Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight ONLY. All other shipping methods do not qualify for the Live Arrival Guarantee because a guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of shipping is not possible.

2.) Ornamental livestock (non-feeder organisms) will ONLY be shipped FedEx Standard or Priority Overnight, unless within certain areas of the state of Florida, which may qualify for FedEx Ground.

3.) If the temperature in the recipient’s area is below 40° F or above 90° F, the Live Arrival
Guarantee is null and void.

4.) If the livestock does arrive dead, a photo of the livestock in the sealed bag IS REQUIRED and the photo must be taken within 1 hour of delivery to qualify for a refund or a re-shipment. The photo(s) should be emailed to

5.) Once the livestock is placed into a separate container or aquarium, the Live Arrival Guarantee is null and void.

6.) Should it be determined that the product did not arrive alive, new product will be provided free of charge, however, the live arrival guarantee does not cover shipping costs for the replacement product.

Local laws and Restrictions

The person(s) ordering is responsible for knowing state laws regarding which organisms can and cannot be legally shipped into his/her respective state(s). Northeast Brine Shrimp, LLC is not responsible for infringements on captive organisms/wildlife laws if such incidents occur and action is taken by local and/or federal wildlife agencies. Northeast Brine Shrimp, LLC reserves the right to withhold or refuse shipping to anyone if it believes there are laws being infringed upon.

Hazardous Weather Conditions

Northeast Brine Shrimp, LLC reserves the right to withhold or delay shipping based upon hazardous weather conditions or any other reason that it believes the organisms should not be shipped out of the facility at that time.

Institutional Buyers

If you are an aquarium, zoo, university, or other educational institution, please contact our facility directly at 386-345-3333 or to place an order.


If you would like to use your own Federal Express account, please contact our facility directly at 386-345-3333 or to place your order. Standard Fed Ex rates apply only to the continental Unites States. Hawaii and Alaska have rate exceptions and extra fees which may apply. Northeast Brine Shrimp, LLC does not ship internationally.

Any order placed before 13:00 will be shipped the same day, unless otherwise noted by you, the customer.

Shipping Multiple Items

The computer calculated Shipping Cost may be high when multiple items are ordered. In every case, the actual costs are determined at time of ship and your costs will be appropriately adjusted to the lower costs, if possible. Expect to be contacted by a staff member with the exact shipping cost for your order and your approval before your credit card is charged.

Same Day Ship-Out

Place your order by 13:00 EST Monday – Thursday and we’ll ship it out the same day!

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