Tigriopus californicus; pint


This is a LIVE ANIMAL and is only available with overnight shipping.

Commonly known as Tiger copepods, these large harpacticoid copepods are an excellent source of food for many reef fish such as mandarins, pipefish, seahorses, butterfly fish, and many others. Adult females can reach 1500 microns in size. The adults tend to cling to substrate and surfaces such as live rock and the sides of the tank, as well as the water column, which makes them easy pickings for your tank’s inhabitants. High in fatty acids, these are an enticing meal that will provide your fish with the proper nutrition they need to live a long, healthy life. Commonly found in tide pools in the wild, they can tolerate a wide range of salinities, temperatures, and water conditions. Which makes them great for stock a refugium. If you have new arrivals that are finicky feeders, these are sure to get them eating and keep them happy!

1 pint (minimum 3,000 pods per pint)

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