Science Explorer Brine Shrimp Grow Kit


Over the years, hatching brine shrimp has been a rite of passage inspiring the imaginations of many a future biologist.

Our Science Explorer Grow Kit adds a new dimension of education to hatching brine shrimp since our kit allows your brine shrimp to survive to maturity, and includes an Education Guide prepared by our marine biologists.

Unlike other products, with’s proprietary salts and supplements, your brine shrimp can ultimately form a breeding colony, not just a short-term hatch which quickly dies off.

In addition, with our Education Guide, you can also follow the biological growth of your brine shrimp as they mature into adults and ultmately a thriving long-term colony.

The kit contains: our propriety Brine Shrimp Salt; 1 gram of our high hatch rate Brine Shrimp Eggs; 1 oz. our exclusive Brine Shrimp Food; and 1 oz. of our Brine Shrimp Life Extender.

All you need is a small aquarium ( 2 or 5 gallons depending on your preference) and an air pump.

Just follow the instructions in the kit and mix the Brine Shrimp Salt with treated tap or distilled water to create the perfect aquatic environment for your brine shrimp. Then add the Brine Shrimp Eggs and aerate. Make sure to NOT use an air stone (just the tubing) as this will add too much dissolved gas to the water and have a negative effect on your shrimp.

When your aquatic environment is right we have found that no special equipment is necessary to hatch your brine shrimp.

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