Reef Energy B (Aminio Acids & Vitamins) 500 ml – 1 L



Reef Energy B (Aminio Acids & Vitamins)

Reef Energy B contains a blend of amino acids and vitamins enabling corals to grow through their own metabolic activity in parallel to the energy provided by the symbiotic zooanthealle algae. Amino acids and vitamins are required for the constant production of proteins, pigments, and healthy soft tissue. The ingredients of Reef Energy B should be used in conjunction of Reef Energy A which contains a blend of carbohydrates in a format that is readily accessible to the soft tissue of corals.

Reef Energy B

Red Sea Reef Energy B is a highly concentrated complex of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins that were found to be the limiting factors in the nutritional demands of corals and other invertebrates. This complex replenishes the exact vitamins and MAA (marine amino acids) produced by Zooxanthellae. Vitamins are important precursors in the synthesis of chromo proteins while the amino acids are their building blocks.

All of the components of Reef Energy B come from marine sources and are emulsified in a unique medium that enhances their solubility and absorption of the vitamins and acids by the corals

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