Red Sea Reef Energy A (Concentrated Energy Source) 500 ml – 1 L



Reef Energy A (Concentrated Energy Source)

Reef Energy A contains a blend of carbohydrates in a format that is readily accessible to the soft tissue of corals. This enables corals to grow through their own metabolic activity in parallel to the energy provided by the symbiotic zooanthealle algae. Reef Energy A induces polyp extension, maximizing the surface area for absorption. For best results Reef Energy A should be used in conjunction with Reef Energy B which contains the amino acids and vitamins required by the corals to produce proteins, pigments, and healthy soft tissue.

Reef Energy A

Red Sea Reef Energy A is a unique formulation of carbohydrates and suspended protein flocks which are available for direct consumption and absorption by the corals. The suspension of protein flocks promotes the micro bacterial fauna that naturally populates the coral tissue and will increase mucus production. Every component is utilized in the metabolic processes of coral protein production and soft tissue regeneration and therefore does not introduce any unnecessary organic material to the system.

Reef Energy A stimulates extension of the polyps and soft tissue, helping the coral to optimize nutrient consumption by expanding its surface area for absorption.

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