Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer – 500 ml


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NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer – 500 ml

Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Remover prevents nuisance algae and enables control of zooanthellae for optimum coral growth and coloration. NO3:PO4-X promotes the biological reduction processes of nitrate and phosphate by bacteria to reduce nuisance algae and cyanobacteria and effectively balance the zooanthealle population of corals. NO3:PO4 -X is part of the Red Sea Reef Care program and is an essential pre-requirement for using the Reef Colors Supplement Family that enables corals to display their natural colors. NO3:PO4-X must be accurately dosed by using Red Sea’s Nitrate & Phosphate Pro test kits and cannot be used with other phosphate removers.


  • Enables controlled nitrate and phosphate reduction for optimal coral growth and coloration
  • Reduces nuisance algae
  • Reef-Safe, with no undesirable side effects
  • Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective
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