Red Sea A & B Coral Nutrition Program Intro Kit – 100 ml


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A & B Coral Nutrition Program Intro Kit – 100 ml

Offer your corals the Red Sea A & B Coral Nutrition Program featuring A = Concentrated Energy Source and B = Amino Acids & Vitamins. These supplements give photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic corals the missing nutrients that they require since corals can not capture their own food; rather they wait for nutrients to absorb through their tissues or enter into their minuscule oral disc. This supplement is highly palatable and gives a huge energetic value after digestion, benefiting with growth and coloration.

Reef Energy A

Red Sea Reef Energy A is a unique formulation of carbohydrates and suspended protein flocks which are available for direct consumption and absorption by the corals. The suspension of protein flocks promotes the micro bacterial fauna that naturally populates the coral tissue and will increase mucus production. Every component is utilized in the metabolic processes of coral protein production and soft tissue regeneration and therefore does not introduce any unnecessary organic material to the system.

Reef Energy A stimulates extension of the polyps and soft tissue, helping the coral to optimize nutrient consumption by expanding its surface area for absorption.

Reef Energy B

Red Sea Reef Energy B is a highly concentrated complex of amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins that were found to be the limiting factors in the nutritional demands of corals and other invertebrates. This complex replenishes the exact vitamins and MAA (marine amino acids) produced by Zooxanthellae. Vitamins are important precursors in the synthesis of chromo proteins while the amino acids are their building blocks.

All of the components of Reef Energy B come from marine sources and are emulsified in a unique medium that enhances their solubility and absorption of the vitamins and acids by the corals.


  • Photosynthetic & non-photosynthetic corals
  • Bottle A is a Concentrated Energy Source
  • Bottle B features Amino Acids and Vitamins
  • Benefits digestion, growth and coloration
  • Gives a huge energetic value after digestion

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