Hikari Ich-X Saltwater 4 oz – 16 oz



Ich-X® SW

Ich-X® SW offers effective treatment of marine ich-related issues with a non-staining formula that has been thoroughly tested in a number of marine environments.

To treat, dose one (1) teaspoon (~5 mL) of Ich-X® SW to 10 gallons (38L) of actual water in system. Care should be taken to avoid over-dosing and the addition of aeration during treatment is always helpful.

DO NOT OVERDOSE – this means you should calculate the actual amount of water in your tank by multiplying the length x width x height and dividing by 238 to get the true gallons. Please also deduct the amount of space consumed by substrate (gravel, sand, etc.) rock, decorations or other things which are displacing water.

WARNING: DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE – If you find crystalized material under the seal of the bottle when opening or noticeable clumps in the material when poured out, the product has been frozen and should not be used. When frozen the active ingredient can become lethal to fish.

Hikari Ich-X Saltwater contains a proprietary, reef-tested formula that quickly and effectively treats disease conditions caused by Marine Ich, Marine Fungi, Protozoans, and Flukes. Clear formula will not stain or discolor corals or tank silicone. Specially formulated for marine aquariums.

4 fl oz treats 240 gallons.

16 fl oz treats 960 gallons.


  • Treats protozoan issues
  • Treats marine ich (Cryptocaryoniasis), marine velvet/gold dust (Amyloodinium)
  • Can treat certain metazoan issues
  • Controls common external fungal issues (saprolegniasis)
  • Ready to use and highly effective
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