Green Sailfin Molly; 25. Poecilia latipinna


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Green sailfin mollies are an excellent beginner fish for aquarists just starting into the hobby. These hardy fish take a wide variety of foods easily, from bloodworms to small shrimp and prepared foods. Their iridescent green coloration and quirky movements, along with their bold behavior, make them a very interesting fish to observe in home aquaria. There are also incredibly easy to breed in captivity, so they make for a good starter project to experiment with if trying your hand at captive breeding fish! Ours are kept at around 15 ppt, which make them easily to convert to freshwater completely. However, then can only tolerate up to 32 ppt.

Fun Fact: These fish are practically indestructible. They have some of the highest tolerant ranges in regards to water temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen content. They can inhabit waters from 0-80 ppt, tolerate water temperatures into the mid 90’s, and are even found in backwater mangrove systems where there is almost no oxygen and contain hydrogen sulfide levels that are lethal to humans!

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