Bullhead Minnow; small; 50


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The name says it all on these feisty fish! They have incredible stamina and can survive in environments high in hydrogen sulfide that would kill most other inshore fish. Bullhead minnows make for excellent live bait when fishing because they don’t perish as easily as finger mullet or sardines. Or maybe you want to provide a high-energy snack to any obligate carnivores in your tank such as grouper, lionfish, eels, etc. Whether it’s listening to your drag scream with a trophy redfish on the end of your line, or watching your panther grouper chase down and inhale these feeders, you will not be disappointed with these guys!

Fun Fact: Inshore fishing is my favorite hobby, and bullhead minnows are my go-to bait over anything else year round. I always have more success using them than with any other live bait.

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