Brine Shrimp; 1/2 grown; box


This is a LIVE ANIMAL and is only available with overnight shipping.

Contains approximately 125,000 Artemia.

1/2 grown brine shrimp are perfect for newly arrived animals in quarantine, and smaller juvenile fish from in-home breeding projects.

At Northeast Brine Shrimp, we gut-load our brine shrimp with beta-carotene and other supplements to ensure they contain only the finest nutritional value for your tank’s inhabitants. This beta carotene is passed along to your animals, bringing out the best of their natural coloring and eating live foods ensure your animals maintains their natural behaviors as opposed to a strict prepared diet.

Finally, your brine shrimp will be shipped straight to you from the facility where they are grown. They will not pass through multiple facilities ensuring their best health possible,

The freshness of our brine shrimp cannot be beat. You and your tank mates will not be disappointed!

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