Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue 11 oz


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Chemi-Pure Blue – 11 oz

Chemi-Pure Blue is the ultimate all-in-one filtration media for marine and reef aquariums. It offers superior filtration and remarkable results in even the most advanced aquarium systems. Chemi-Pure Blue combines the highest grade of low dust, pelletized activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to produce a synergistic formula for the health and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. This proprietary formula significantly reduces organic compounds, odors, phenols, toxins, medications, dissolved metals, phosphates, and silicates. Its high-capacity activated carbon features a very low ash content and rinses clear quickly, thereby reducing the potential of HLLE within your aquarium.

Chemi-Pure Blue uses the finest laboratory-grade resins to rapidly remove organics and phosphates from your aquarium water while raising redox and helping to stabilize pH. It lasts longer than other filtration media and reduces the need for frequent water changes. Chemi-Pure Blue helps maintain stable, crystal clear water in marine and reef aquariums. This 11 oz tub treats up to 75 gallons. Includes media bag.


  • Keeps marine and reef aquariums crystal clear!
  • Stabilizes and helps maintain pH level
  • Reduces fish loss caused by pH changes
  • Removes dissolved organics for a healthier aquarium
  • Eliminates osmotic shock
  • Increases fish appetite and life span
  • Filters out coppers, metals, odors, and phenol
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