Aquavitro eight.four 350ml – 1L



Eight.Four – 1 L
Many competing buffers for reef aquaria are simply sodium bicarbonate. Such buffers have a pK or only 8.0 in saltwater and simply are unable to maintain a pH above 8.0. The low buffering pK is a function of the low carbonate/bicarbonate ratio.

eight.four supplies a properly balanced (carbonate/bicarbonate) buffer system that yields an industry leading pK of 8.6 which makes pH maintenance of 8.3 – 8.5 easy. A higher pK increases the buffer’s ability to counteract inevitable acidic sources in the water. eight.four will safely raise marine pH while adjusting alkalinity. eight.four contains a concentrated, balanced blend of bicarbonate and carbonate salts designed to restore disrupted buffer systems and increase carbonate alkalinity.

Unlike competing products that require multi-day interval dosing when combined with carbonate supplements, eight.four can be dosed daily within minutes of aquavitro calcification as well as balance and ions.

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