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Copepods and Rotifers


Copepods are small crustaceans loaded with fatty-acids. They are great for feeding corals, fish fry, pipefish and seahorses, and stocking refugiums and display tanks.

Our Apocyclops are cultured at our facility and range from 70 to 400 microns in size.

These copepods thrive on live phytoplankton cultures of Isochrysis, Nannochloropsis, and Chaetoceros.

They are also great for algae maintenance since they love to chow down on it all day long!

Give your tank mates the fatty-acid morsels they crave!


Rotifers (wheel animals) are a tiny microorganism that is common in mixed samples of zooplankton. Ours are cultured at our facility and provide a high-quality meal for small or newly hatched fish, corals, or various filter-feeding organisms.

Fun Fact: Rotifera received it’s name because under a microscope, their mouthparts resemble a rotating buzz saw. Their mouth has a crown of cilia (tiny hair-like appendages) that rotate, not only drawing food into their mouth, but serving as a nifty means of propulsion.

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