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Grow Brine Shrimp for fun, or a great live feed for your animals!

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Feeder Grow Kits

Our Feeder Grow Kit is designed for the hobbyist who wants to grow brine shrimp to feed to their aquarium carnivores over the entire brine shrimp life cycle with minimal care and feeding. With minimal effort, you can have fresh nauplii to gut-loaded adult brine shrimp as a nutritious and interesting supplement to your animals' diets.

Science Explorer Grow Kit

Our Science Explorer Grow Kit is designed as a fun and educational experiment in marine biology, Over the years, young and old alike have enjoyed and been fascinated by growing brine shrimp in their homes. How many budding biologists had their imaginations sparked by hatching a colony of brine shrimp in their home? Now you can call on the expertise of the biologists at to not only hatch your colony, but to raise it into adulthood. Our kit  contains our proprietary brine shrimp products, and is specifically designed to let you raise raise brine shrimp like you never thought possible.

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