This most durable little marine shrimp, Palaemonetes vulgaris, is an incredible eater of encrusted algaes and detritus in the marine aquarium. In fact, this little shrimp (maximum size is one inch) will out-eat small ocean hermit crabs by 10 to 1. For you mini reefers out there this new live janitor shrimp is perfect. The shrimp will not harm live coral, tube worms, or any other invertebrate larger than itself.
If you want a durable shrimp pet in your tank then this is the shrimp for you. They are so affordable that they are sold in lots of three dozen and 100 count jumbo box for just $20.00 plus freight and handling charges.
Aquarists have been looking for affordable saltwater feeder shrimp for years, here it is. Unlike the freshwater ghost shrimp that will only live in saltwater for maybe 10 minutes, this saltwater feeder will live forever in your tank or until captured by some hungry fish. We have customers that say they can go on a week's vacation or so and be assured that the fish are being fed properly without those messy and unreliable dry feeders. Just put 100 saltwater feeders in the tank and leave. The fish get them as they can and by the time you get back from vacation the fish are happy and the tank is not rotten from an auto feeder getting stuck open. What an ideal creature.
If by chance your new janitor/feeder shrimp clean up the aquarium so well that you are concerned about them not getting enough to eat then just add a little inexpensive dry flake food to tide them over. Once you try these new shrimp we are sure you will say, this is the BEST NEW PRODUCT I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS.