NOTICE: Effective 10-10-2008, there was a modest shipping price increase. For the last 8 years, NEBS has not increased product or delivery costs. However, DHL and UPS had so significantly increased their rates to NEBS we had no choice but to pass some of the additional costs on to our customers. Also, effective immediately we are offering our customers a choice between using FedEx or UPS (Note: Recently UPS has significantly increased prices and thus we recommend using FedEx). At present, just tell us in the comments section which carrier you would like to use. Additionally, we believe that our shipping rates remain the lowest in the industry.

The NEBS team would like to again thank you very much for your business.


Shipping Charges and Live Delivery

1-Day Ground Shipping (FedEx or UPS) assures live foods arrival only within zone 1 from Oak Hill Florida.
Note: All Dry Goods ship via Ground unless next-day is requested.  

States included in zone 1 are: FL and South GA..  

Beyond zone 1, shippers do not deliver within 1 day with their Ground Service. These distances require a Next-Day Service (FedEx or UPS) for reliable live delivery.

If a customer really wants Ground shipment outside Zone 1, there can be no Live Arrival Guarantee.

Shipping charges are determined based on a "box charge" $3.00 (cardboard) or $8.00 (styrofoam) plus $3.00 per pound shipping weight (cardboard) or $3.50 per pound (styrofoam) for Next-Day Service (FedEx) or $1.60 per pound for Ground (FedEx or UPS). Under Summer or Winter conditions, it may be necessary to use a styrofoam box ($8.00 vs $3.00) and $1.50 for either an ice or heat pack.

The shipping weight for each item in an order is its net weight plus one (1) pound.  That additional pound represents the container for the item, packing materials, and the carton.  Although this approach may not be perfect, we believe it accommodates the multitude of possible order combinations.

The computer calculated Shipping Cost may be high when multiple items are ordered. In every case, the actual costs are determined at time of ship and your costs will be appropriately adjusted to the lower costs, if possible. That same computer calculated Shipping Cost is only programed up to 40 pounds per order and over 40 pounds, the cost is manually determined by the Staff.

Next-Day Service (FedEx or UPS) is available for any order and required for customers outside the States listed above (Zone 1). 

The computer automatically assumes next-day on all Livestock shipments. For Zone 1 customers, the staff will recalculate your order and reduce the shipping costs to reflect Ground.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

All Live Products must be shipped Next-Day for delivery outside zone 1.

Whether carrier delivers on-time or late, NEBS Guarantees Live Arrival. Any losses reported at time of delivery must be called in to (386) 345-3333. NEBS will replace any dead or damaged Livestock. NEBS will not, however, pay for the FedEx or UPS Freight for the replacement shipment. Freight costs are the customer's responsibility.

This is the best Next Day rate in the U.S.!