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Reef Base Rock (Cured)
From Florida


After 30 years in the live rock business this is the first cured base rock that I would put into my own tank. It is spectacular looking. The rock is full of holes, cavities, irregular curves and dimensions. Many holes extend all the way through the rocks regardless of the size of the rock. The aggregate color of the rocks is from white to white/gray to white/yellow. The size selection is from 2 pounds to 8 pounds and we accept orders requesting certain sizes or by aggregate sizes. Further, this rock is phosphate-free because it is actually a fossil rock that is mined out of a special quarry in central Florida.

The rock material is the same as coral rock, primarily calcium and magnesium carbonate. After mining the rocks, they are high-pressure cleaned to remove all sand and loose material.

As with all marine aquarium rock, the weight is always a financial consideration for shipping.We have available FedEx Ground for small orders and general air freight for larger than 50-pound orders. Air Freight is the least expensive method of shipping.  


0 to 100 pounds Net Wt, Product Price: $1.50 per pound
Shipping & Handling: (Approximately $1.60 per pound depending on location) Call (386) 345-3333 or enter your Email address in the comments box on the order form.

101 to 500 pounds Net Wt, Product Price: $1.25 per pound
Shipping & Handling: (Approximately $1.60 per pound depending on location) Call (386) 345-3333 or enter your Email address in the comments box on the order form.


Worm Rock




Worm Rock is the result of worms building calcium based tubes. These rocks are thought to be thousands of years old and they are mined from subterranean deposits. The rock is not alive.

The scientific purpose of "Live Rock", as most understand, is to expand surface area for nitrifying bacteria. Wild live rock is somewhat porous and thus increases the surface area available for bacteria colonization. Secondly, "Live Rock" brings an assortment of critters into the aquarium.

The most important contribution to the natural aquarium is the expanded number of bacteria sites. Worm Rock has thousands of times more surface area than traditional wild live rock. Further, Worm Rock weighs HALF that of the denser wild live rock and has many times more holes and crevasses in which critter can hide. In addition to superior biology advantages, Worm Rock ships for half the cost of traditional reef rock because it is half the weight.

From a scientific perspective, this is the best rock you can put into a marine aquarium.

Worm Rock , $3.50 per pound, (10 pound minimum) plus Shipping: FedEx Ground (Approximately $1.60 per pound depending on location).




Live Natural Shell



Unlike all the marine aquarium sand substrates available on the market today, our new Live Natural Shell is the real thing. It is what the bottom of the near-shore seas are made up of. Commonly called coral rock sands available from other suppliers is not natural at all; it is mined from inland rock quarries and crushed into sand. That product is dolomite like its chemical make up and lacks natural seawater elements other than calcium and magnesium.

Live Natural Shell, on the other hand, is nature's most perfect marine substrate in that it contains all the elements of natural seawater due to the fact that the mollusk incorporates all available elements into its shell. Shell for a substrate is good for the marine aquarium because as it slowly dissolves as a natural buffer for the tank water, it releases all the bound up elements as well.

This Live natural Shell is not collected from wild ocean shores as it is illegal to do so and secondly the wild shell would not be disease-free. This Live Natural Shell is extracted from ancient beaches that may be as much as one million years old. The shell is washed with sterile seawater from our deep well and left to air-dry. Each order is custom packaged with the addition of Hyatt Brand "Right Now Bacteria" (nitrifying bacteria). It is ready to use as soon as you open the bag and place it into your marine aquarium.

Live Natural Shell, Price: $1.00 per pound (10 pound minimum) plus Shipping: FedEx (Approximately $1.60 per pound depending on location).

Call for quotes on orders above 250 pounds.


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