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Special Blend Artemia Salt

Label directions - The salt mix is not homogenized, therefore when mixing the entire contents must be used.  Caution: This salt mix is only for  Brine Shrimp (Artemia).  Do not use with fish or invertebrates.

Artemia Salt, 10 gallon size, Net Wt: 5 lb, Price: $10.00 plus Shipping FedEx of $7.50

Artemia Salt, 20 gallon size, Net Wt: 9 lb, Price: $12.00 plus Shipping FedEx of $10.00

Artemia Salt, 50 gallon size, Net Wt: 23 lb, Price: $24.00 plus Shipping FedEx of $14.50

Brine Shrimp Water Concentrate

It is important to understand that brine shrimp do not come out of the natural oceans, they come out of inland salt lakes all over the world. When trying to hold or even raise live brine shrimp most have found it difficult to do. One of the major reasons for this lack of success is that the only seawater mix that is available to the consumer is ocean mixes of one make or another. However, all ocean mixes regardless of manufacturer all have reasonably the same ratios of primary salts. It is these ratios of salts in the mix that differ from the inland salt lakes. Live brine shrimp want and need the saltwater type in which they evolved in and the ocean mixes are not it.

The Brine Shrimp Water Concentrate is just that, a very convenient way to make the right saltwater mix for live brine shrimp in just minutes. The bottle of liquid is ready to use with no over-night waiting, not even ten minutes of waiting. Simply add the entire 16 ounce concentrate mix to two gallons of tap water, swirl around for one minute, add an airstone with low to moderate air flow and you're done. The concentrate includes de-chlor, so do not worry about the chlorine in your tap water as it is taken care of.

A two gallon mix of Brine Shrimp Water will easily hold up to one quarter-pound of live brine shrimp (25 teaspoons) and if you can keep the temperature below 60 degrees, it can hold twice that amount. Keep in mind that our Florida farm grown live brine shrimp will die at temperatures below 40 degrees.


Brine Shrimp Water Concentrate, 16 ounce (makes 2 gallons), Net Wt. 1 lb, Price: $5.00 Shipping included with orders of Live Brine Shrimp.



Brine Shrimp Life Extender





When holding live, farm-grown Northeast Brine Shrimp, LIFE EXTENDER is highly recommended. The use of LIFE EXTENDER will ensure that your live brine shrimp will live until sold/fed or up to 10 days in holding.

LIFE EXTENDER is available in two sizes: One Pound and 50 grams.

Hold one pint (one pound) of live Northeast Brine Shrimp in a ten-gallon tank of normal sea salt mix or in artemia salt (product of Northeast Brine Shrimp). Add one measured teaspoon of LIFE EXTENDER daily. Moderate and continuous aeration is required.

Hold one portion (100 grams) live brine shrimp in 2-gallons salt or artemia water. Add 1/4 teaspoon LIFE EXTENDER daily. Consider adding the smaller size package to your next order for Live Brine Shrimp and piggy-back the shipping.





Life Extender , 1 Pound Size, Net Wt: 1 lb, Price: $14.95 plus Ground Shipping.

Life Extender , 50 Gram Size, Net Wt: 1 lb, Price: $4.50 plus Ground Shipping.

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Hiatt, Chloradsorb






Chloradsorb is an Instant Water Detoxifier for Fresh or Salt Water and is safe for Fish Tanks, Reefs & Ponds.  Its adds vital electrolytes which enables fish to excrete a protective slime coating.  Chloradsorb effectively removes chloramines, chlorine and ammonia.  It also removes copper and nullifies toxic metals.  Improves Water Quality to promote healthy fish and invertibrates.  The 16 oz size of Chloradsorb treats 960 gallons. 

Chloradsorb, 960 gallon size, Net Wt:1 lb, Price: $14.00

Hiatt, Right Now Marine Bacteria

This dry bacteria will start your nitrogen cycle in 48 hours.

Right Now Bacteria, 60 gallon size, Net Wt:10 g, Price: $15.00

Hiatt, 3-Phase Carbon

This is the best carbon we have used. It also serves as an exceptional site for bio-bed bacteria.

3-Phase Carbon, 1 lb bag, Net Wt: 16 oz, Price: $6.00



Pond Clear

Probiotic natural occurring earth bacteria used for the cleanup and continued maintenance of both freshwater and marine ponds. Pond Clear is a dry, synergistic blend of natural bacteria specifically designed to enhance immune response of captive species while eliminating specific pollutants that are known to negatively impact the health of captive species. Pond Clear thoroughly cleans the water of residual feed and feces, while participating in the natural carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur cycles to enhance water quality for the captive species. Pond Clear is safe for all aquatic organisms.

Use Pond Clear at FOUR ounces per million gallons per week until water clears.

Sold in one pound units and packaged in screw-top plastic jars. Product should be stored in refrigerator (DO NOT FREEZE) after opening.


Pond Clear, One pound size, Net Wt: 1 lb, Price: $80.00 plus Shipping




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